Welcome to our Family Farm!

We have spent many hours and much emotion on the development and home4
implementation of our goals. We are not done yet, and our plans for expansion are well under way.

Our Grass Fed Operation has proven time and again that quality, taste, and tenderness take a dedicated plan. Not only the processing and aging, but the types of feed our animals consume are of vital importance. We inter seed our pastures and hay fields with additional varieties of grasses and legumes each year. We also learn from our neighbors and contacts of many new veggies that are wonderful forage. Research is the key, learning all we can will result in a superior product.

We are committed to our sustainable farming program for some very important reasons. The health of our land, herds and the nutritional value of what we produce. Northwest Missouri has long been the perfect place in the United States to raise beef. The gently rolling hills, abundant water supply, lush meadows and beautiful timber make this a heaven on earth for our cattle. Come on in, browse our site, and if you don’t see what you want, just give us a call or email and we will do our best!

Live Green    Live Long    Live Healthy

wells family farms certified organic grass fed beef