Whole Beef

Whole Beef, Half a Beef or Quarter Beef

You have come to the right place! Our cattle are taken to processing between the weights of 800 pounds to 1200 pounds. This keeps them at 20 to 30 months old. We sell our beef after it has been aged at least 17 days, so you will need to plan ahead.   Our whole beef price is 8.00 per pound, delivered to your door.  Half a beef is 8.25, Quarter 8.50 and an Eighth is 8.75.   These choices are all what is termed a generic portion.  Meaning you will get some of each cut in the same percentage as a whole.   We do approve some substitutions, such as the bones and organ meats.





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When ordering from this menu, you have a number of choices:

  • Do you want T Bones? Or would you like them boned out, which results in Tenderloin Filet and KC Strip Steaks? How thick?
  • Ribeye Steaks with or with out the bone? How thick?
  • Sirloin Steak? How thick?
  • Brisket? With Whole or Half you get one Brisket Cut in half or left whole.
  • Kabob Meat? 2 inch cubes from trimming out various steaks.
  • Fajita Strips?  Made from the strip and flank steaks?
  • Strip Steaks? Whole or cut
  • Flank Steaks? Whole or cut
  • Round Steak? Or Round Roast?
  • Eye Of Round Roast?
  • Breakfast Steaks? These are cut from the eye of round, thin cooks quick.
  • Roast? Chuck, Arm and Rump?  Either into roast or ground
  • Stew Meat? How much? or it goes into ground
  • Ground?
  • Short Ribs, or Slab Ribs?
  • Liver, Heart, Tongue, Oxtail?
  • Shank, with or with out the bone?
  • Soup bones?  Neck?  Shank?

Also, you can choose the number of steaks per package.  If you want less roast and more ground.  The organs we will trade out, if you don’t want them.

On the Quarter Beef, it is called a Generic Quarter.  This means it is half of a half.  So you get some of everything.  We try very hard to be flexible and will work with you to fit your order in with your taste and desires.

There are some things that can be done special but there is an extra charge.  Hamburger patties are one.  For an additional .75 cents per pound.

Currently,Swiss Processing, Hermann, MO, slaughter and process our beef.

When ordering we accept Visa, Master Card, Discover or Personal Checks.  A $100 Dollar deposit for each quarter order will be needed at time of order.  Expect 18 to 20 days for delivery.  You choose the cuts, amount of ground, thickness and weights of packages.  See details above.


Item Pounds Total Wt
Filet 0.41 0.43 0.51 0.45 0.36 2.16
KC Strip 0.56 0.52 0.48 0.52 0.52 0.43 3.03
Ribeye 0.80 0.78 0.76 0.54 0.46 0.74 4.08
Sirloin 0.47 0.51 0.38 0.47 1.11 0.98 0.52 4.44
Hanger Steak 0.74 0.74
Kabob 3.00 3.00
Skirt 1.11 0.99 2.10
Flank 0.83 0.83 1.66
Brisket 2.19 1.99 4.18
Round 0.87 1.11 0.97 1.02 1.10 0.85 5.92
Arm Roast 2.81 2.55 2.93 8.29
Chuck Roast 2.29 2.31 1.77 2.23 2.27 10.87
Ground 40.00 40.00
Stew 5.00 5.00
Short Ribs 3.14 1.67 1.75 1.63 1.66 9.85
Shank/Bone out 1.36 1.05 1.50 1.05 4.96
Soup Bones 1.89 2.05 1.67 5.61
Total Pounds 115.89
Cost per pound 8.50
Balance Due 985.06

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