In our store you can get fresh ground daily!   Ground, Grass Fed Beef!  Talk about a versatile product.  It’s uses are only limited by your personal imagination!  Everything from Burgers to Soups, our ground will fit the bill.  It is very lean, and so delicious.  Cuts used are not limited to the chuck like most ground products offered today.  Our ground is made up of Chuck, Sirloin and Round, giving it excellent flavor and low fat content.  When you cook our Ground Beef, you will not lose a big amount to shrinkage.  You will end up with about the same amount you put on to cook.  Never again be disappointed with postage stamp size burgers!


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Lovely Summer

Good Day Happy Eaters!  We here at Wells Family Farms are busy with hay season.  That and maintenance around the buildings and fences.  Never a dull day nor moment when you are farming!  The cattle are doing great, the land is healthy, the water is plentiful.   It has been hot but not for overly long stretches.   Our sales are still growing which means more and more people are becoming aware of the great taste and nutritional value of 100% Grass Fed Beef.   Check out the website for all the current information!


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