Beef Products

Wells Family Farms has worked longBlacks_on_pasture
and hard to improve on the acceptable
methods in the business of raising beef.
We are proud to share with you all the wonderful taste and  nutrition our cattle have to offer.  By serving grass fed beef to your family you ensure a healthy meal that everyone will enjoy.  Our grass fed beef is dry aged to guarantee you a tender experience.  Check out some of our favorite steaks!  We know once you experience our beef you won’t want any other!
Our animals diet ensures the right amount of marbling, add in perfect tenderness from aging and trimmed to leave just the right amount fat.  This combination will give you a wonderful culinary experience!  Our steaks are usually sliced to One inch thickness, and packaged individually so you are in control of how much you need for any given meal.  Our products are shipped frozen, unless other arrangements are made in advance.   If you desire a larger amount at one time, check out our whole, half or quarter beef packages.  There are many choices available,  so make sure to check out our full list of products available.  For those interested, we are happy to share the companies that do our aging and processing.

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